Episode 16 – John Muir


In 1838, many years before California would become a state, a boy was born in Scotland – the 3rd of 8 kids – it was a rough childhood for someone like him, a restless spirit that would get harsh beatings from his father for spending more time looking at landscapes than reading the bible.  When he was 11 his family immigrated from Scotland to a farm in Wisconsin where he grew up, went to school, and eventually college for Chemistry. After traveling to avoid the Civil War and taking any job that let him move around the country he eventually settled in San Francisco which is what brought him to his eventual legacy – the father of our National Parks.



Falls in the Mist

Falls In the Mist

“Falls in the Mist”

So I have shut down my Patreon as it was far too inconsistent of a funding and support system – with that though it means that I have a number of images that were only shown there that I will start to publish here in a public spot. Plus with my recent focus on my podcast, “I Love You, California,” I haven’t posted new sets in awhile…I have some Yosemite images, some SF images, and other newer stuff as well coming!


The Captain

The Captain

“The Captain”

Here are the first of a couple taken on our trip to Yosemite that I will post publicly. The rest will be available only on my Patreon for as little as $3 a month. In the valley, we all know who is in charge.

I have taken some pics of El Cap in color…but they always look odd.  My brain is so hardwired to see Yosemite in black and white thanks for the works of Adams that I just can’t imagine some of these sites any other way.

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Valley Dome


“Valley Dome”

Today is a special day. I have been waiting and trying to capture a picture of the famed Half Dome from the city I live in. I have known it was possible for years, but rarely is the sky and weather correct do it. Here is what I got today – mind you I don’t have the correct lens for this shot so it is zoomed in and blurry – but I got her. This is taken right outside Patterson CA.

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