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Episode 21 – Harold Richardson Redwood Reserve


There is a group called the “Save the Redwoods” league that has been active for a hundred years and works for the preservation of coastal sequoia groves up and down the state.  Earlier this year they gave us a gift by announcing the purchase of a large chunk of land in Sonoma County. This land has been privately owned by a family for a century who have kept in in pristine and almost completely untouched state.  With this purchase the league is working to open up a new park and hopes to have it ready by 2021.






The Children’s Bell Tower in Bodega Bay features a number of crafted bells from various places, most donated from families in Italy. This is one that stood out to me – I love the depiction of one life giving to many.


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Bell Geometry


“Bell Geometry”

It has been a bit since I have posted new photography. I have a ton of newer pictures still to edit and process. I shoot a lot and store…need to get back into the groove of editing and posting.

This is the Children’s Bell Tower in Bodega Bay CA – a common stop along the PCH and a monument to the power of organ donation and the gift that can be given during a time of great tragedy and sorrow. I have seem tons of pictures of this place and wanted to shoot it from a different angle. I love the lines that these shapes give one another.