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Episode 30 – Portola


Last season we went way back, hundreds of years ago and talked a bit about Sir Francis Drake and his legacy along the California shoreline.  Today we are going to close out season 2 by talking a bit about another historical figure, still hundreds of years ago but after the time of Drake.  In the 1700s the Spanish Empire was looking to expand its reach more into the new land. While they had already landed in areas of South and Central America, there was little foothold going up from Mexico and into California.  Previous explorers had described and landed in the areas that we now know as San Diego and the Monterey Bay. This led the crown to dispatch another group led by Gaspar de Portola, with the mission of displacing the Jesuit Catholic order and creating settlements for the Franciscan Catholic Order in the new world.  This mission is why today we know the name of Portola.



Karl and Sutro


“Karl and Sutro”

Sutro Tower was once considered an eyesore but is now one of the most interesting landmarks in the San Francisco. When Karl the Fog comes around it can lead to some wonderful images.


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The Conservatory


The Conservatory

California’s first municipal greenhouse was completed in 1879. It was patterned after The Conservatory, Kew Gardens, England. A distinguished example of late Victorian style using early techniques of mass production and assembly of simple glass units. It was a gift to the City of San Francisco by public spirited citizens.





Episode 11 – Emperor Norton I


During the Gold Rush era of California History we get a number of big names that can still be found all over San Francisco on signs and landmarks such as Sutro, Levi Strauss, Doubleday, Bernal, and Coit – but there is another character from this time period that is not only still loved and revered for his eccentricities, but lives on in a popular tour route around SF where people dress like him and tell stories of times past.  A man who was so unhappy with the governmental and legal systems running the state after losing a legal battle over a rice contract that he delivered letters to all of the newspapers in the area proclaiming himself “Emperor of These United State and Protector of Mexico” and thus started his 21-year reign.