Update: Podcasts, Publishing, and More!

For anyone that follows the “I Love You, California” podcast you know we have been on a break after the end of season 2 as I work on other projects and play with ideas for season 3.  Don’t worry, I have every intention of doing season 3 and have been actively bouncing ideas around for a theme for it.  With this project, just like almost all others, I am the sole person working it so I often have to move stuff around to fit each project into my creative schedule, but again, it will come in time.

For anyone else who has been following my social media, Twitter and Facebook most notably, you might know that I have also begun working with another podcast network on a very different project centered around comic books.  If you know me you know that I run a small business dealing comic books on the side, have on and off for a long time, and I had ideas for a comic-related podcast brewing in my mind for quite a long time.  Well, a few months back I partnered with the Epic Marvel Podcast over at the Thunderquack Podcasting Networking to create monthly special episodes with my friend Jim Mason about Marvel Cross-over comics.  It is a project we call the Epic Marvel Crossover Podcast and it comes out once a month.  You can find it on the Epic Marvel Podcast feed so feel free to let me know what you think about those!

On top of that I also published my first underground zine focused on comics!  Just like all my ideas it was something that was bouncing around in my head for a year or so before I woke up one more and just decided that I had to do it.  With that I was able to publish “H%C #1,” a 16-page comix zine with submissions from artists all over North America.  It had a meager 251 copy print run and we gave it away for free in comic shops all over Central California and the Bay Area.  I still have copies that I can ship for a small shipping cost, so hit me up if you are interested.

As for the publishing project we are also hard at work on issue #2 of H%C which will be much larger than the first.  We had such good feedback on the first issue that we have received a lot more submissions for issue #2.  My goal is to publish as much good stuff that meets our criteria as I can and see just how big we can make this book before it is crushed under its own weight.  I will soon be creating a new page here on my website for all comic and publishing related ventures and have links on how to order a copy if you are interested!

Right now I have a lot of project work to catch up on but keep in touch here or via social media and let me know what you think.

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Episode 30 – Portola


Last season we went way back, hundreds of years ago and talked a bit about Sir Francis Drake and his legacy along the California shoreline.  Today we are going to close out season 2 by talking a bit about another historical figure, still hundreds of years ago but after the time of Drake.  In the 1700s the Spanish Empire was looking to expand its reach more into the new land. While they had already landed in areas of South and Central America, there was little foothold going up from Mexico and into California.  Previous explorers had described and landed in the areas that we now know as San Diego and the Monterey Bay. This led the crown to dispatch another group led by Gaspar de Portola, with the mission of displacing the Jesuit Catholic order and creating settlements for the Franciscan Catholic Order in the new world.  This mission is why today we know the name of Portola.


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Episode 29 – Mokelumne City


There are many ghost towns in California.  As is the case with towns like Bodie, Drawbridge, or Idria, many have buildings spotted around signaling the once active and prosperous town.  There was once a ghost town in California that few know much about today. It existed at the meeting point between the Consumnes and the Mokelumne rivers in Central CA, somewhere between Stockton and Sacramento.  It was a growing city center with everything looking up for it – so what caused the quick rise and fall of this town that is now remembered as Mokelumne City?


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Episode 27 – The California Condor


In California we tend to love our symbols and history, our landscapes and natural features, and our native flora and fauna.  From our Golden Poppies to our Otters to our Kelp Forests to our Tule Elk, we tend to cherish those who belong here along with us.  One of our native creatures was declared extinct in the wild in 1987 when the last few specimen were gatherer in an attempt to save an entire species.  The last 22 known animals were collected and raised, housed and bred, and slowly reintroduced into the wild. Today that number is almost 500 with many being born and raised in the wilds of California – the largest flying land bird in North America.


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Episode 25 – The Watts Towers


(Photo source: Wikimedia Commons)

I have heard them described as ugly or an eyesore.  I have also heard them described as a feat of human artistic ingenuity.  Whatever you may think of their aesthetics, you cannot but marvel at the feat of creation that you will find when you travel deep into the southern end of Los Angeles to a community known as Watts – where an Italian immigrant who was known locally as Simon decided to build something that took over 33 years to construct.