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Episode 25 – The Watts Towers


(Photo source: Wikimedia Commons)

I have heard them described as ugly or an eyesore.  I have also heard them described as a feat of human artistic ingenuity.  Whatever you may think of their aesthetics, you cannot but marvel at the feat of creation that you will find when you travel deep into the southern end of Los Angeles to a community known as Watts – where an Italian immigrant who was known locally as Simon decided to build something that took over 33 years to construct.  



Episode 18 – Point Sur


There is a lot of beauty along the Central Coast as you head down the Pacific Coast Highway – leave from the Carmel area south you will pass Point Lobos and head to the undefined area known as “Big Sur.”  After you pass over the most photogenic Bixby Creek Bridge you start to see a huge rock off the distance by itself. As you get closer you notice buildings on that rock surrounded by beaches and a large open field – and unfortunately you aren’t allowed to drive in – the area is blocked by fences…unless you plan a trip around a certain time  on a certain days where you get to do one of the great walking tours on the central coast.



Episode 14 – McKittrick Tar Seeps


Kern County is famous for a things – but it was built on the back of oil.  This is an area where the oil was easy to access that there are areas where it comes up from ground just by walking on it – where it slowly seeps out onto the surface.  There are 5 places in the world where these natural asphalt lakes occur – of those 5, 3 of them are in California – and the one we are talking about today is along Highway 33 and the heart of the area that helped fuel the second industrial boom of our great state – that of black gold.



Karl and Sutro


“Karl and Sutro”

Sutro Tower was once considered an eyesore but is now one of the most interesting landmarks in the San Francisco. When Karl the Fog comes around it can lead to some wonderful images.


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The Conservatory


The Conservatory

California’s first municipal greenhouse was completed in 1879. It was patterned after The Conservatory, Kew Gardens, England. A distinguished example of late Victorian style using early techniques of mass production and assembly of simple glass units. It was a gift to the City of San Francisco by public spirited citizens.