i love you california

Episode 26 – The Oroville Dam


Back in episode 20 we talked some about the Mother Orange Tree of Butte County which used to be located at a bridge crossing the Feather River.  That tree was moved and other bridges were built in the area to accommodate a huge engineering and infrastructure project, one of the largest in CA at that time.  What we built was a landmark feat that is now recognized as the tallest dam in Butte County, oh…and the tallest dam in California…oh, and the tallest dam in the United States still to this day.


i love you california

Episode 20 – The Mother Orange Tree


Butte county has a lot of interesting features and sites – as the county covers an area of the north valley as well as the foothills and mountains north of the Sierras.  There is a lot of California history in this part of the state but one item is a living relic from a past time that had huge effects on the California economy. We are talking about tree that started in Mexico, purchased in Sacramento, and planted finally in Butte County – in 1856.