Falls in the Mist

Falls In the Mist

“Falls in the Mist”

So I have shut down my Patreon as it was far too inconsistent of a funding and support system – with that though it means that I have a number of images that were only shown there that I will start to publish here in a public spot. Plus with my recent focus on my podcast, “I Love You, California,” I haven’t posted new sets in awhile…I have some Yosemite images, some SF images, and other newer stuff as well coming!


Valley Dome


“Valley Dome”

Today is a special day. I have been waiting and trying to capture a picture of the famed Half Dome from the city I live in. I have known it was possible for years, but rarely is the sky and weather correct do it. Here is what I got today – mind you I don’t have the correct lens for this shot so it is zoomed in and blurry – but I got her. This is taken right outside Patterson CA.

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