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Episode 24 – Carmon Neff


I grew up originally in Merced CA which meant that we knew and visited people often just over the line in Madera County, in the town of Chowchilla.  One time when traveling through the area my father took us outside of town to drive past a small ranch property. This site had all sorts of statues and windmills covering the property, all made out of welded and cut scrap metal.  You had dinosaurs and insects, creatures of all shapes and sizes pieced together from old tractor parts, rebar, large gears, chains, leaf springs, and about anything else you can think of. This was when I learned the name of Carmon Neff.


i love you california

Episode 23 – The California Field Atlas


One day a year and a half ago or so I was driving home from work and listening to various podcasts as I tend to do and I heard someone raving about a new book they had just received about California natural history.  It was a bit odd in that they just gave generalizations, it was a book, talked about California Naturalism, and was just beyond beautiful. Not only that this was on a podcast about pod culture and technology, not the kind of place I expected to hear about such a book.  As soon as I got home and looked up the book on Amazon but it was sold out and going for way too much from third-party dealers…so I just added it to my wish list and forgot about it.

About 6 months later I was on a photography trip from my home in Central California up the coast of Oregon and back.  On the way we stopped in a local museum in the town of Ukiah and I saw the book in their gift shop. I got excited, related the story to my wife, and decided I had to buy it then and there and I was not disappointed.  Today’s episode is about the California Field Atlas by Obi Kaufmann.



Karl and Sutro


“Karl and Sutro”

Sutro Tower was once considered an eyesore but is now one of the most interesting landmarks in the San Francisco. When Karl the Fog comes around it can lead to some wonderful images.


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The Children’s Bell Tower in Bodega Bay features a number of crafted bells from various places, most donated from families in Italy. This is one that stood out to me – I love the depiction of one life giving to many.


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Washed Up at Tomales Bay


“Washed Up at Tomales Bay”

It is often thought that this may be the most photographed shipwreck in CA which puts it in the running for most photographed in the United States. I took a few this cool morning because as with any California photographer your collection of shots must have your Shasta, your Yosemite, your Burney Falls, and your Point Reyes.


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The Mist Rises

The Mist Rises

“The Mist Rises”

The McArthur-Burney State Park – the Burney Falls from a bit down the hiking trail of the gorgeous park. This is one of the true wonders of California as the water comes from volcanic springs to create these falls. While this picture is lovely, just wait until we get closer to the falls…



Falls in the Mist

Falls In the Mist

“Falls in the Mist”

So I have shut down my Patreon as it was far too inconsistent of a funding and support system – with that though it means that I have a number of images that were only shown there that I will start to publish here in a public spot. Plus with my recent focus on my podcast, “I Love You, California,” I haven’t posted new sets in awhile…I have some Yosemite images, some SF images, and other newer stuff as well coming!