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“I Love You, California” is a short-form podcast where each episode we bring you into the beauty, history, and weirdness of the state of California. Join us each episode for a peak through the redwoods and the fog as a piece of California.

I am your host, William Hoffknecht, who was born and raised in the heart of California. Through my travels for work, pleasure, and photography I have visited many of the most famous locations as well as the weird little nooks and crannies in attempts to feel closer to my home. Through this podcast I hope to share a little bit about each landmark, location, natural wonder, person, or idea that made a sort of cultural impact.

There are commercial and sponsorship opportunities available.  We have “Premier Sponsorship” available for each episodes as well as personal or commercial support through our “California Postcard” pricing.  Please reach out to me here or via email at goldenboyphotographyca@gmail.com to discuss availability and pricing.