Portfolio and Projects

What started as an amalgamation of two ideas – a quest to visit the California State Historical Landmarks and a passion for shooting pictures of San Francisco has turned into a series of photographic projects ranging from maps and blogs to photo essays and published works on a variety of websites and newsletters.  Each of the below pages is a small part of this broad project I have been working on with the help of my family and friends.

Please take the time to view each one and feel free to reach out with ideas or feedback.  Thanks!

Art and Landscapes

Here is just a small sample portfolio for art, landscape, and home decor pieces. We can create wall art and collaborate or take commissions as well.


I have worked with a number of models both locally and during travels.  Here is a small selection of published works featuring models of all different experience and caliber.  Scroll down for the link to more risque, boudoir, and nude modeling pieces.


Animal shots are a small secret passion of mine.

Destination Unknown

Destination Unknown, the 1,700 Mile Drive, is a long-term project to visit and document every official California State Historical Landmark.

Awards and Recognition

I have entered a few fairs and contests and taken a few ribbons home in various categories.

Block Builder

Years ago I did a small YouTube playlist called “Block Builder” where I did multiple camera angles and recorded the construction of various Lego sets.  That was shelved and went over a few different iterations, and now I am relaunching a new channel just for this show – and this time I will have some… Continue reading Block Builder


“I Love You, California” is a short-form podcast where each episode we bring you into the beauty, history, and weirdness of the state of California. Join us each episode for a peak through the redwoods and the fog as a piece of California.