100% Comics


For almost my entire life I have read and collected cartoon and comic material.  After dealing and consulting on comics for years I woke up one morning and wanted to publish underground comics.  That urge led to the publication of the free zine which I called “H%C #1” in August of 2019 with cover art by David Brouwers:


H%C #1 had a small print run and was given away for free to Local Comic Shops for dedicated underground comic fans.  We also shipped copies of the book all over the United States and Canada.

We got a lot of feedback, learned a lot, and started work on issue #2!  If you want a copy you can get one for free from certain comic shops around Central California, but if you want to get a copy and you aren’t in the area you can message me here or on social media and I can ship you a copy for a few bucks to cover shipping.  Issue #1 was only 16 interior pages, but issue #2 will be somewhere close to 40, packed full of underground comic art and pages for y’all to enjoy.

Are you interested in submitting works?  I am ALWAYS open to submissions for the next issue.  See the flyer below if you are interested in submitting art, pages, strips, or even letters and articles for publication.  100PC Flyers